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European Wine City Competition 2017 and 2018

RECEVIN, the European Network of Wine Cities, proclaims the sixth edition of the Contest European Wine City, in the framework of promotion and dissemination of Wine Tourism activities. Can apply for the 2017 all Spanish partner cities.Can apply for the 2018 all member cities of the network, except the Portuguese, Italian and Spanish cities.

The deadline for applications for both years is 30 September 2016.

The Contest European Wine City annually recognizes the application whose activities better highlights the richness and diversity of Wine Culture while emphasizing the Common Features of European Wine Territories.

This contest is a platform to give a European dimension to a city, a territory, its heritage and its products. The projection of the European Wine City is an important contribution in promoting the qualities of the municipality, of the wine region and the consolidation of wine as a quality product to promote sustainable land development.


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